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There’s something that sets this place apart from my first home that I take comfort in. It’s why I call it my second home, even though there are so many things about being here that keep me from ever wanting to live here. Home isn’t about where you eventually want to live though. Not always anyway.

The busier the city the more at ease I seem to feel. And I have yet to visit a city that’s busier and more packed than Bangkok.

The two polaroids I chose for this diptych were taken neighborhoods apart and are literally worlds apart. On the left, Wat Pho, one of the oldest and largest Buddhist temples in Bangkok was founded amidst the center of traditional Thai medicine education. Even with all of the tourists there the day I visited, it was still so quiet, as though the vastness of the entire complex swallowed up all the sound. The photo on the right was taken within Pahurat, or Thailand’s Little India, one of the busier and tightly packed neighborhoods crammed corner to corner with thousands of fabric yard rolls. There was hardly space to walk let alone space for two people to pass each other between shops.

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